Where I live in. Images of the busiest city in Australia.
A place with the most amazing beaches and sunsets in the world

A view of cars on road with buildings surrounding a young boy and a girl playing with sand in a beach exterior view of a lit bakery at night back view a couple surrounded with leafy trees tall architectural building an old man with a smiley face sign walking towards the camera an old man's wrinkly hands a small girl sitting in the middle with a woman and an old man next to her
a back view of a yellow van parked in front of a white house a teenage boy skateboarding by the beach a chair in front of a blue window three kids in a park running towards the camera a far view of the moon on blue sky a pond with four small ducks a woman sitting on a red chair in the beach a sculptural fountain in the middle of tall dense green trees
a couple standing below the moon during sunset a far view of skyline during purple sunset moon and purple sunset reflected on the ocean water a far view of a purple and pink sunset in a green field