a girl standing below a purple tree


A UNSW design student/photography hobbist. Have been taking pictures for 7 years and haven’t been stopping since.
A part time UI/UX and graphic designer

Tools: Fujifilm XT3, Minolta x700, iPhone 11 Pro Max

Mockups of food ordering app screens Mockups of software screens a screen of forms for a software activity poster with a scenery of neon lights in the city
black and white fineline drawing of dense city buidlings black and white dot drawing of a hand holding a sand timer black and white fineline drawing of an old man sitting under a tree black and white fineline drawing of the indoor of a cafe
a closeup portrait of girl holding a tree branch with leaves a closeup portrait of a girl about to eat a strawberry a girl putting her hands around another girl a girl wearing red sitting on a chair with another girl next to her holding sunflowers in front of a large curtain